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боядисване и изсветляване на коса

Professional hair brand Kydra is an epitome of quality and luxury. Their products are based on natural plant extracts with well-known therapeutic properties, helping your hair maintain its structure, health and beauty. At Seaside Hair Saloon our colorist will combine professional products to tailor a hair color that is a perfect match for you. We will ensure a color that not only suits your skin tone, but also suggest an ideal match for your lifestyle, personality and profession. Whether you’re looking to drastically change your hair color or just want to mask new gray, the right coloring can give confidence, and make you feel good about your appearance.

At Seaside Hair Saloon we don’t think that there is a one-set prescription for everyone, colors are tailored to the individual. If you require a correction services, according to your wishes, our color artist will create new, vibrant colors that are more suitable for your hair.

At Seaside Hair Saloon, we offer an entire line of specific Alterna hair products that will prolong your color and protect your hair.

Color pricing varies based on length/texture of hair and supplies for each specific color service. Therefore, for correct pricing, please consult our Pricelist.

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